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About Engeniate

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Engeniate serves C-level business leaders who understand that a prosperous business starts with energized employees who find meaning in their work and take pride in common goals. Through comprehensive team training, leadership development and a partnership approach, we help our clients build engaging and accepting workplace cultures that unleash individual freedom and accelerate team success.

What does Engeniate mean?

Engeniate (en – GENIE – ate)

What we do at Engeniate
What we believe
  • The spirit of service infuses and inspires everything we do and are.
  • Choosing to focus on our strengths leads to greatness. Dwelling on our weaknesses keeps us in mediocrity.
  • There IS an “I” in team! Individual excellence means sustainable team success.
  • Leadership is a choice to serve others no matter what the job title.
  • Teamwork has the power to create true transformation in an organization.
Patrick Lencioni Video on Teamwork
Engeniate & The Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team
Case in point

Engeniate was asked by a business owner in growth mode to help leverage her resources and time by building her own leadership skills and a strong team to take the agency to the next success and service level. As a result of working with Liz Ramos, the business owner not only found out what her strengths are as a leader, but she also learned how to identify where some of her team’s strengths weren’t being leveraged to their full potential. She and her team applied what they learned right away by reassigning duties that better fit what each team member enjoyed and what they were great at. After this process was completed, the business owner tells us her team members gave her enthusiastic feedback, including that they loved how they had been heard and acknowledged. The agency now enjoys a culture of collaboration, initiative, fun and productivity.

Client testimonial

“As a business owner this has freed up my time, and I can fully trust that my business runs even when I’m not there.” – G.N., Walnut Creek, CA