ENGENIATE Adds the Market’s Newest Selection Assessment, PXT Select™

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                                  Contact Information: Liz Ramos ENGENIATE (415)952-0130 [email protected] www.engeniate.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ENGENIATE Adds the Market’s Newest Selection Assessment, PXT Select™ to Business Offering ENGENIATE partners with PXT Select™ to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions. Vallejo, CA – May 17, 2017, ENGENIATE, adds innovative [...]

Purpose & Talent: Propellers to Engagement

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Leaders and organizations are constantly seeking ways to increase their employee engagement.  Managers, human resource professionals and even front line employees approach employee engagement from their own angles, here are a few examples that might sound familiar: Managers - seek to provide flexible work hours, allowing employees to work from home part of the week, [...]

Top Five Components for an Effective Telecommuting Policy

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The following article was contributed by  Wu Castillo, P.C. – A law firm providing advice and representation for California employers. So your employees want to work from home? Consider these top 5 components for an effective telecommuting policy. In early 2013, Yahoo!’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, announced that Yahoo!, starting in June 2013, would no longer [...]

4 Ways to Spot Leadership in Action

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“Leadership” and “management” are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences among the two.  The manager has a specific role to work on a one to one basis with those whose day to day work they direct.  From a strengths-based perspective, they help to identify talent within their direct reports, set clear expectations, motivate, [...]

3 Key Areas Managers Need to Focus On: A Legal Professional’s Perspective

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The following article was contributed by  Wu Castillo, P.C. – A law firm providing advice and representation for California employers. Members of management must both manage and lead their team.  In today’s world where professional relationships easily spill over into the social arena (whether via happy hours or on social media) balancing the day-to-day management [...]

Are Your Employees Properly Classified As Exempt or Non-Exempt? Updates to Overtime Pay

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An organization’s culture is largely driven by managers.  Who do you choose to lead in your organization? If you are focusing efforts in having a sustainable engaged workforce, having the right managers in place is key. We often see some foundational issues with the classification of these managers OR the leeway these managers are given [...]

Are You Setting Up Your Managers to Fail?

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As leaders of people, one of they key responsibilities of a manager is to develop his or her  team members. Team members need to be developed for the current role and for their future growth. One of the most misaligned roles tends to be the role of the manager; those who are in charge of [...]

Five Tips to Identifying Top Talent

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Effective leaders know how to mine for talent. They not only mine for talent, they pan for pure gold. It’s an ongoing process that’s required to build, develop and sustain effective teams and organizations. There are critical instances when this need arises, including: Hiring Forming Project Teams Developing Team Members Succession Planning Creating Successful Partnerships [...]

Want More Collaboration? Stop labeling them Millennials.

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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful conference in San Antonio. Besides visiting the infamous site of the Alamo, I also had the amazing opportunity to hear Patrick Lencioni, best-selling author and Founder of The Table Group, give the keynote for this event. His talk was inspiring, informational and entertaining; more to come [...]

Three Tips for Employee Appreciation

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This week I had the opportunity to spend a day working with Managers on Strengths-Based Management. The timing could not have been more perfect as this week we celebrate Employee Appreciation, and so many of the concepts of Strengths-Based management are centered around this often underutilized behavior, appreciation. Every leader and manager in an organization [...]