How high is your bar? Setting Standards

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Alright, it’s time for some MAJOR insights. Part of living authentically is being true and honest with yourself. Over the past few months I’ve had a recurring situation come up with different individuals and in different types of scenarios. If something similar has happened to you and you’ve asked, “Why does this keep happening to [...]

Words of Success

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I hear people set themselves up for failure so often. Since I can’t coach everyone on this individually, I decided it was time to write about it. Do you know the best way to forget to do something? Tell yourself to “not forget” to do that thing. Want to know the best way to remember [...]

Authenticity in Personal and Business Relationships

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On this Winning Wednesday, I’m embracing self-care. As entrepreneurs, we give much of ourselves to our business, as often, there’s no real separation between these. While I’m travelling for personal reasons, I’m thankful that I can take care of my business online and via phone, it allows me the space and flexibility for much needed [...]

You Have Superhero Powers – Do you know how to use them?

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I have to admit, although Sci-Fi Movies are not necessarily at the top of my list for my favorite type of movies, I LOVE superhero movies. It must be my inner child that’s reminded that we are capable of doing anything we want… While focusing on guiding my clients to discover, embrace and hone their [...]

Teamwork Tuesday – Accountability – what does it LOOK like to you?

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On this Teamwork Tuesday I wanted to shift your attention to Accountability, after all, accountability isn’t possible without a team… Everyone seems to know what accountability means, in broader terms, being responsible to someone else. But it’s important you define what it looks like for you. With my coaching clients and even amongst my peers, [...]

Are you living your passion? Unlock your business success.

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Passion in 2014 It’s been made very clear to me over the last few days that we need to talk about PASSION. You might ask,” What does passion have to do with my business?”   The answer is: EVERYTHING. Let me give you an example of how Passion can have an impact on your business, on [...]

WW – What you do in Happiness and health impacts your Wealth

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Wow! What a way to kick off WINNING WEDNESDAY! As a “results oriented” person, often times I get caught up in investing most of my time in my business activities and goals and can tend to lose sight of my Happiness and Health. Today is already a great reminder that accountability in these areas is [...]

The who, what, when, where of Marketing – share your value!

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One of the keys to creating a profitable week is taking the time to PLAN our activities strategically. This week my focus for profitability activities is effective marketing; how awesome is that? Marketing on Money Monday! Sounds like a perfect game plan. These are some questions that can help you get focused: Do you know [...]