CREATE Celebrations for Accomplishments

I’m excited to start this week and this new month with a clean slate, great attitude and major FOCUS! Why? Because I set the intention and actually scheduled time and an activity for CELEBRATION weeks ago to close the month with a reward for all my hard work. What motivates you? What do you have to look forward to in the short term for meeting all your business objectives in the next month? Our FUN doesn’t have to start “one day” or when you hit a huge goal. Keep yourself moving forward and creating positive reinforcement by rewarding your smaller milestones. The last thing you want is to arrive to your BIG GOAL and be totally out of practice with having fun!

I love having quiet time to just be and what girl doesn’t enjoy some pampering? I love it, and yet, as many business owners often do, I do tend to overlook celebrating my accomplishments. I booked a half day of massage and a facial at the spa and still headed over to the salon for a pedicure and a haircut to top the day. That’s what I call a reward! An even prouder moment was honoring MY day by not allowing others to disrupt it and even sharing that I’d get back to them on Monday as I was taking a much deserved day to myself 🙂

Don’t know HOW to celebrate? Try this – make a list of 25 things you LOVE to do WITHOUT money and 25 things you LOVE to do that require money. Every time you set a goal, have a defined celebration lined up for when you meet it. Most of the clients I serve are high Achievers, and one of the “Weaknesses” that can develop from this great trait is that we tend to overcommit and never stop to smell the roses. Remember, a weakness is nothing more than an underdeveloped or misapplied talent, get in the driver’s seat of your talent!

I’m looking forward to hearing about the list of things you LOVE to do. If your talents are showing up as “weaknesses,” let’s turn it around, join us at the upcoming StrengthsFinder Meetup:

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