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Engagement, the newest trending word for team success.

But Does Engagement Really Make a Difference?

Liz Ramos - Leadership Coaching and Speaking

What does engagement mean? Engaged employees begin the day with a sense of purpose and finish it with a sense of achievement. They consistently bring high levels of determination, tenacity, energy and resilience to everything they do. They are dedicated to their jobs, and it shows in their enthusiasm, inspiration and pride in their work. They become easily engrossed in their roles, and time flows quickly for them when they are at work.

Only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged.

How can organizations combat low engagement? Research shows that when managers focus on employee strengths, that 30% can double to 61%.  What organization wouldn’t want those results?

Liz Ramos knows firsthand the powerful impact that leveraging talents has on individual and team success. Audiences love her engaging experiential approach to teaching, clear expertise and playful warmth.

Liz is ready to discuss:

Liz Ramos, Founder and CEO of Engeniate, helps leaders grow their business through building strong teams that create a climate of collaboration, engagement and productivity. Through her powerful toolbox of strengths-based team-building programs, Liz’s clients learn how to leverage their team’s strengths to their full

potential. The results? Achieving individual excellence and team success, lifting the entire organization to greater productivity, profit and a happier workplace that attracts and keeps the best people. Liz is available in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide by arrangement and via telephone/webinar.


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