Teamwork Tuesday – Are you leveraging teams to skyrocket your business?

On this Teamwork Tuesday, I’d like to focus on the power of teams. Normally when I have conversations with clients, it’s around the specific team members they need to fulfill their business objectives, their business vision and mission. It’s important to always begin with the end in mind – What is your goal? That is your starting point for creating your team.

If you’ve seen my videos series “The Inner Game of Success – Building Your Rock Star Team,” I walk you through this step by step. However, today, as I invested a good portion of my day at a networking event with other business owners, I was reminded that the concept of TEAM can be so much broader and that despite our differences in the product or service we offer, we have so much to give and gain from these broader “teams.”

This particular group was made up of women entrepreneurs (it’s one way I design my network environment, being a part of strong networking or community groups with other women, it’s a special type of bond). Besides this general commonality, I experienced other values that help create a bond of support in business and in life: Entrepreneurial Spirits, Education, Purpose, Community, etc.

Having clarity on your CORE VALUES is key when creating your team! It’s unlikely that any two people have identical Core Values given that is a completely organic process and expression, it’s our spiritual DNA… However, it is important that we invest the time to education those closest to us on what those core values mean to us and that these team members honor them. If someone shows up in a way that violates your core values, the team relationship will never work even if they’re the most competent person for the role the fill.

My core values are: Family, Independence, Purpose, Fulfillment and Happiness. I felt a great sense of synergy with what I described about this group, the entrepreneurial spirits speak to my Independence. I feel Happy when I’m part of a great Community and living with Purpose. The structure of the event helps to reinforce my thirst for Purpose in everything I do. You can see the pattern…

There are so many facets to designing strong teams, from balancing our strengths, to knowing what motivates us, assessing competence and finding synergies in each other’s Core Values. The first member of the team is YOU – you are the leader of your team, you set the pace… Are you leveraging and leading your different teams with these tools? More importantly, are you consciously creating teams to help skyrocket your business success?

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