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Curious about building a Strengths-Based culture that creates increased engagement and sustained success on your team?

Check out our videos to get acquainted with the StrengthsFinder movement and the Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes:

Increasing Employee Engagement with Strengths

Organizations have had to deal with the reality of low employee engagement. Over the last decade, engaged employees have never been more than 15% of the total workforce. We cover how to use Strengths as a vehicle for driving engagement.

This webinar covers:
– What is a strengths-based culture?
– Measuring Employee Engagement
– Purpose that drives Engagement

Strengths-Based Leadership

In this webinar:
Creating Leadership-Influence
Focusing on the ROI
Debunking the “Well-Rounded” Myth
Leadership is about service: Who are you serving?

Mining for Strengths

Leaders of organizations and teams always have to be on the look out for new talent.

This webinar covers: (NOTE: Screen view is corrected at 6 min. 30 secs.)
– Leveraging Strengths in Talent Identification and Selection
– Mining for Strengths
– Awareness of our own filters when identifying talent

Strengths to Achieve Flow

In this webinar: Strengths to Achieve Flow, Strengths-Based Parenting, StrengthsFinder Themes: Adaptability, Learner.

Strengths-Based Goal Setting

In this webinar we’ll dive into a Strengths-Based approach to Goal setting as we approach 2016! Bear with us the recording of the audio starts from the beginning, the visual portions shows at 6 min. 46 secs.

Year End Review

In this webinar we shared a “year end review” of Strengths and goal setting! Have you taken the time to review your team’s common purpose?

Strengths Leveraged to Build Relationships

Strengths in Partnerships

In this month’s webinar we focus on the magic that happens when our Strengths come together and we leverage them within in ourselves and with our partnerships.

Leveraging Strengths to Create Engagement

In this webinar we will focus on Engagement: the results associated with the tone from the top. Our themes of the month are Maximizer and Restorative, a paradoxical pair.