Teamwork Tuesday – Accountability – what does it LOOK like to you?

On this Teamwork Tuesday I wanted to shift your attention to Accountability, after all, accountability isn’t possible without a team… Everyone seems to know what accountability means, in broader terms, being responsible to someone else. But it’s important you define what it looks like for you.

With my coaching clients and even amongst my peers, when I ask “How can I support you?” I often hear, “Hold me accountable,” but then I follow-up with “How does that look to you? How do you want me to hold you accountable?” more often than not, people aren’t prepared to respond. In structuring your teams and if you really want support in reaching your goals, effective accountability is a key piece of the puzzle.

Here are some thoughts that can help you gain clarity. Are you motivated by a reward or a consequence? You know, the carrot or the stick? While I try to encourage a positive source of motivation, in the sense of how you will CELEBRATE when you accomplish your goal, the reality is we also respond well to CONSEQUENCES. Give both a try and see what works best for you. I like my clients to try both, together we create a vision of how they will celebrate the consistency in their actions more-so than results AND a consequence for not following through on their committed actions. We focus on follow through to actions because we have control over this, we don’t always have control over the results these generate.

While we want to have someone who can be supportive and encouraging, ensure that you are really able to hold true accountability with the person. Often times, part of being great colleagues is that we develop friendships, an absolute wonderful side effect of working with people we like. I’ve also started off relationships based on accountability and developed a wonderful friendship from it. However, it’s important you evaluate if the friendship will allow you to truly be accountable to each other without ruffling feathers or getting off task with the accountability relationship. Having a coach allows you to have a neutral and agreed upon basis for being held in integrity for your commitments. Accountability, what does it look like to you? Who is on your team? Sign up for my free video series, “The Inner Game of Success – Building Your Rock Star Team” to find out how critical having a team is.

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