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“What Liz was able to do is bring together my team of five people so we can work cohesively. Before working with Liz my team was struggling with how best to work with one another. After working with the StrengthsFinder, Liz was able to not only identify everyone’s strengths but also identify “bridges” that my team can use to understand where each employee (and me) is coming from. Once a month we are reviewing one of each of our strengths and how we Name It! Claim It! Aim It! Employees are now saying “Oh, that must be your WOO coming out.” It has really helped the team’s morale as we all strive for our 2015 goals. Thanks again Liz. You ROCK!”
Kevin H, Owner, Insurance Agent
“There’s nothing better than those times when life conspires to help you succeed, and that’s exactly what happened when I came to know Liz Ramos. A longtime advocate of strengths-based leadership, I surreptitiously discovered Liz through a mutual colleague while in search of coaching assistance for my divisional team. Upon meeting Liz, I was immediately set at ease by her bright and engaging personality and impressed with her subject matter expertise and insights. Two team sessions and some personal coaching later, I’m happy to say that everyone to whom I’ve introduced Liz now shares my high opinion of her as both a person and coach. I’m truly pleased to already have two more team session scheduled with Liz, and I’m happy to recommend that anyone else interested in high-quality strengths coaching do the same.”
Dave Paulson, Chief Technology & Operations Officer
“Liz made a difference in my team’s productivity and my business’s profit. As a business owner, I’m always looking for ways to leverage my resources and time. I hired Liz to support my team in identifying their strengths. As a result of working with Liz on this process I not only found out what my strengths are as a leader, I found out that I was not leveraging my team’s strengths to their full potential. We applied what we learned right away by sharing as a team what our strengths are, as well, as reassigning duties that better fit what they enjoyed and what they were great at.

My team’s feedback to the process was immediate. They loved that they were heard and acknowledged. As a business owner this has freed up my time and I can fully trust that my business runs even when I’m not there. I highly recommend to contact Liz for a consultation to work with your team.”

Gail Nott, Social Media Strategist
“Over the past year, Liz has presented and conducted training for my team on multiple occasions. Liz is an amazing presenter who is very knowledgeable. She connects extremely well with the staff, which is important, staff is always engaged during training sessions and they describe her as energetic, entertaining and captivating. This training has helped me tremendously by focusing on strengths and has helped the team become more collaborative. I highly recommend the quality of this training and Liz to my colleagues for their staff development needs.”
Efrain Magallanes, Program Manager
“I would recommend Liz Ramos to your company as an accomplished Business Coach or Business Workshop Speaker. Liz did an all day workshop for us at Guardian Life. It was very informative, interactive, creative and valuable. The Strength Assessment she offers is key to peak work performance. I also had her be the speaker at my women’s empowerment group. WOMEN GATHER. She taught on “collaboration”. It had great content that is very relevant to today’s professional. I would recommend her to you or your company.”
Pamela Hanamoto, Financial Advisor, Guardian Life
“There are very few individuals that I recommend for coaching or advisory work. Liz Ramos is a coach / trainer that walks her talk. She is highly respected in the community as a person who does what she says she is going to do and does it better than people would expect. She expects the very best in people and will hold them to that standard. Liz will not allow people to slack off when it comes to their goals. If you want someone who will hold you to a higher standard, show you how to create a game plan and champion you along the way (or kick your butt) depending on what is needed, then Liz Ramos is my choice and should be yours also! Thanks Liz for helping me stay on track.”
Phil Black, Director of Strategic Alliances, Speaker and Trainer at New Peaks