The who, what, when, where of Marketing – share your value!

One of the keys to creating a profitable week is taking the time to PLAN our activities strategically. This week my focus for profitability activities is effective marketing; how awesome is that? Marketing on Money Monday! Sounds like a perfect game plan.

These are some questions that can help you get focused: Do you know WHERE your audience is? Do you know WHO they are? How many different WAYS are you touching base with them? WHEN are you sharing this message throughout the week, month, year – do you have a plan?

As you answer these questions for yourself and your business, it’s important you share WHAT your message is – what VALUE do you offer? Don’t make your value proposition the world’s best kept secret! That’s probably mistake #1, not sharing your message often enough and clearly enough.

I love connecting with all of you via this blog. I have no problem being honest, partly it’s self-serving, I share with all of you and I get myself on track, I get laser focused on my own revenue generating activities. But I also love sharing my message live. Find key communities and networking organizations that work well for you and your business, dedicate time to connecting with people live and building relationships. It’s time well invested, just watch out for one of the main pitfalls of networking, investing time attending events and not following up!

As a good business person, make sure you calculate your ROI. To start off, what’s your investment? What’s your hourly rate if you were putting your time to maximum use? Here are a few costs you might want to consider: the time you’re investing, your commute time, the time you’re at the event and any additional investments for attending (meeting costs, lunch, etc.).

What are you looking to gain from this investment? Set a goal for yourself. Here are some examples of the types of goals you can set: number of new contacts, number of new appointments set, find a new strategic relationship, a connection to a new industry, etc. Have a clear intention and result in mind.

This should get you going with setting a clear intention in your weekly activities, whether you’re in charge of taking care of all of this for your business or you have teammates you can delegate or partner with to make it happen. Begin with the end in mind and set off to ensure you have clarity for the questions listed above. Happy planning with your Marketing strategy on this Money Monday!

Remember, the only thing that should be passive in your life is your income… Cheers!

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