WW – What you do in Happiness and health impacts your Wealth

Wow! What a way to kick off WINNING WEDNESDAY! As a “results oriented” person, often times I get caught up in investing most of my time in my business activities and goals and can tend to lose sight of my Happiness and Health. Today is already a great reminder that accountability in these areas is crucial for business success, there’s a transfer of energy that happens between these different areas of our life.

How are you winning in your Happiness and Health? I started off my morning very early (it wasn’t bright because the sun hadn’t come up yet…) and prepared an amazing fruit and veggie smoothie in my amazing Nutribullet (if you must know it was composed of: spring greens, spinach, walnuts, red grapes, apple, banana and purified water), wow it was DELICIOUS! Talk about ENERGY! I headed off to my morning walk with a new workout buddy, in nature, the best way for me to do my workouts. We started in the dark, the sun rose and finished in full daylight. Now that’s a way to start the day!

I have a much clearer head than when I start my day going straight to “work,” my energy is through the rough and I’m filled with awesome inspiration to achieve today. Do you think that will have an impact in my productivity today? Do you think people I connect with today, will feel my level of energy and enthusiasm?

There is a definite transfer of energy between our level of Happiness and Health that impacts our success in business. I know I’m more attracted to people who radiate energy, health and happiness; we all like to be around others that uplift us and leave us feeling better than before we interacted with them. I would love your comments on what you do to infuse Happiness and Health into your life. I’ve made sure to start my Wednesday off with a winning attitude in Happiness and Health, and I know my business activities will benefit. Cheers to you on Winning Wednesday!

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