You Have Superhero Powers – Do you know how to use them?

I have to admit, although Sci-Fi Movies are not necessarily at the top of my list for my favorite type of movies, I LOVE superhero movies. It must be my inner child that’s reminded that we are capable of doing anything we want…

While focusing on guiding my clients to discover, embrace and hone their strengths, it dawned on me, our strengths ARE our superpowers. We empower ourselves when we invest the time in discovering our strengths and by learning how to maximize their use. If you haven’t heard me mention it before, I strongly believe you embrace your OWN empowerment, another person CANNOT empower you. Open yourself up to the curiosity of the uniqueness of your strengths, gifts and talents.

And just like any other superhero, we go through a learning curve to HONE our superpowers. What happens when a superhero first discovers their superpowers? If they don’t know how to control them, they surface at inappropriate times and almost have to suppress them in frantic. Like the mermaid who gets wet in public and her tail in unveiled… Yes, mermaids are superheroes in my book, so there you have it, I admit it publicly, I have a thing for mermaids. The same happens with our strengths; I’m a huge Activator, I influence others by being in constant action and it serves me well. But there are times when DOING isn’t the best action, there are times when I need to focus on planning and strategizing, so I need to be aware of when to use that strength.

What happens when a superpower isn’t used correctly? Can you picture powerful laser beams pointed in the wrong direction? They can do a lot of harm and be destructive. The same happens with our strengths. I’ve experienced many painful moments when I realized I caused pain in someone else in using my primary strength.   Earlier in my life I felt shame and deep pain in feeling that I was capable of causing so much hurt. I’ll never forget an experience in my senior year in college, when I was working in a team with two other women. The short of it was we each went off and did some individual pre-work, we came together and discussed our articles. I gave feedback that I felt was objective in where I found “problems” with the articles they had selected. When we met again in class, I learned they were both upset with me and visibly emotional at my “critique” of their contribution. I’ll never forget the long drive home that day, I felt horrible that I had made both of them feel bad. Years later I learned that my primary strength is being Restorative, I thrive in solving problems. I can’t HELP but to see “problems” and start to think of ways to improve things, I thrive on creating solutions. It makes me tenacious and persistent. However, I continue to hone my ability to communicate with others. I’m in such a place of gratitude for the ability to live my strengths every single day guiding my clients to discover, embrace and hone their own strengths as one of the most powerful tools for achieving their goals and helping them make the changes they want to make in their lives. I invite you to discover, embrace and hone your unique strengths, I’m a phone call or email away if you’d like support in doing so. Cheers!

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